New blog address

If you are used to seeing my blog at this location – well, it’s changed. Try this one

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No Wednesday Art Club for the rest of March

Because of some scheduling conflicts and Jury Duty there will not be a Wednesday afternoon Art Club for the rest of March. The first Saturday Art Club will continue to meet from 10 to noon and I will be posting a new schedule  will Artist Workshops and and classes starting in April.

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Artist Jamina Bone Workshop at CHWC

Those of you that were at Jamina’s workshop on Saturday got to see her work up close and experience her hands on teaching style. I know most of us didn’t get our piece finished but if you stop by Art club on on first Saturdays you can finish it up. If not don’t worry we are inviting Jamina back in April for some another great session. Thanks everyone coming by.

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Jamina Bone – Artist Workshop

Hey Art Club we have a couple of workshops coming up and the first one is this Saturday the 12th with Jamina Bone. Jamina is a great friend and a wonderful Artist and teacher-give me a call if you are interested. It’s a free workshop but the seats are limited. 

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…Of the People, by the People,for the People…

I have spent a few days at the Capitol building over the past few months; meeting with Legislators in defense of the Kansas ARTS Commission. During a recent visit it occurred to me how much different the process is now then in the days when i lobbied some 20 years ago. Large institutions private or otherwise still have large caches of money that can be used to for entertainment, campaigns, events and major public relations efforts-some things don’t change. That said, there is also a new type of lobbyist, usually younger, maybe not as well financed but very bit as effective because they have taken advantage of technology. Their tweets, blogs and Facebook pages give followers instant information about what’s going on. Some are funny, some are cutting and some are just sharing but each and everyone is using technology to level the playing field of the more affluent organizations. One more reason why our young people need to know how to use this technology in a positive, creative and focused way that gives them a chance to live out their dreams regardless of where they grew up, what school they went to or how much money they have. Did i mention we are getting ready to start another technology class?

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still no word from Bubbleman…..

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David Platter

David is an Artist i met this last year. He is doing a residency with Beth Sarver and Accessible Arts at the State Blind School Campus-they are both great to be around and very creativity. I gave David a tour of KCK one day and last week he calls and tells me that him and his wife have made an offer on a house in the Polish Hill neighborhood -the house is complete with 3 out buildings and 2 of them have kilns-amazing. I hope everything works out cause he will make a great neighbor and brings a whole trunk load of talent with him. Anyway David invited me to his current studio in the Hobbs building located in the West bottoms. Imagine my surprise when i walk in the door and am confronted with a 10ft “HEAD” that he is working on. We immediately launched into a conversation about statues in parks, young kids climbing on, in and around-sticking their hands out of the eye sockets and mouth and then we turned and said”This is why kids need ART!”

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